10 good reasons for factoring with ETRIS BANK

  1. Immediate liquidity
    You do not have to wait long for your money: After you have sold the invoice to us, we will immediately pay you up to 100% of the gross invoice amount.

  2. One hundred percent failure protection
    Factoring gives you security: If one of your customers fails to pay or files for bankruptcy, you are covered by us. This failure protection also applies to your new customers.

  3. Assumption of accounts receivable management
    Save time and resources: we took over your acounts receivable management, the commercial dunning and collection process and the monitoring of incoming payments.

  4. Relief your credit lines at house banks
    Become more independent from your house bank: factoring creates additional financing possibilities to relieve credit lines at your house bank.

  5. Improve your equity ratio
    Upgrade your rating: By selling receivables and repaying your bank liabilities, your balancesheet total and equity ratio increases.

  6. Flexibility and digitalization 
    We offer you maximum flexibility: tailor-made customer solutions and special arrangements are just as natural for us as modern, digitized processes.

  7. Supplier confidence
    Reliability creates trust: if you pay your invoice on time, you will be regarded as a welcome customer by your suppliers and service providers.

  8. Strong partner
    With the security of a bank: ETRIS BANK offers you secure financing that is independent of your house bank.

  9. Industry solution
    Individual financing solutions: as experts in the PVH industry we work with you to find the right financing for your company.

  10. Seal of quality
    Factoring as a dinstinction for your company: use factoring as a seal of quality for your company´s solvency.