Focusing on flexible solutions

Today’s trading companies have a wide variety of financing needs. Besides traditional long-term financing of fixed assets, traders particularly need financing solutions when it comes to their extensive liquid assets. Sufficiently flexible financing of the inventory is essential. This is particularly true given that the inventory generally accounts for a large part of the assets and its volume can fluctuate widely during the year.

Retain your capacity to take action

As trade credit becomes increasingly more important, traders are now taking on financing tasks for their customers. This approach is affecting the traders’ own financing needs. However, traders often reach the limits of their financial capabilities when customers take advantage of net payment targets — an increasing trend — or even ask to have payment deadlines pushed back.

We understand the industrial wholesale distribution trade’s special financing needs. As a financially strong partner, we support our member companies by providing them with funds.

We will gladly make you an offer that is tailored to your needs.