Familiarity breeds trust.

Due to our roots in E/D/E, we have a close bond with the members and suppliers of E/D/E. Our main objective is to assist our members and promote reliable cooperation with our suppliers. To this end, we offer our customers effective customized solutions and services.

We think and act in collaboration with our customers, who can fully rely on us. To ensure that customers can understand us, we make things easy for them instead of complicating matters. Thanks to our employees’ extensive experience, we can act and help quickly, directly and effectively.

We are specialists

That’s why we can offer special financial services that provide real utility. As a banking firm, we can provide you with financial services that are more professional and comprehensive than previously possible. In short, E/D/E provides the necessary experience while ETRIS BANK opens up new opportunities.

We are continuing to evolve. Together, we will become even stronger

In addition to products, processes and logistics, financial services have become an increasingly important focus of our work. For our parent company, E/D/E, the establishment of the bank was the next logical step in the further expansion of this essential sector. Since we concentrate on partners within the industry, maintaining close ties with customers, suppliers and E/D/E is also the guiding principle at ETRIS BANK.