Towards success together: a strong team

Far-sighted people are behind the management of every successful enterprise and ETRIS BANK is no exception. ETRIS BANK is well-equipped for a successful future with its management team of Uwe Müller, Martin Beckmüller and Christoph Feil.

All three executive managers have extraordinary expertise gained over many years in the finance sector and can draw on well-founded, multi-faceted banking experience in various management positions. Their knowledge of the expectations and requirements of the E/D/E members and our contractual suppliers enables both executive managers to master new challenges and find innovative solutions – every day. The focus here is always on holistic approaches.

"The roots of the ETRIS BANK lie in the family-run E/D/E company. Our successful business model is down-to-earth and implemented by staff who know their markets and customers. We offer highly specific services and solutions and thus generate real benefits and added value. Our tailor-made products and attractive financing services support the industry on an on-going basis and secure the future of small and medium-sized enterprises", believe Uwe Müller, Martin Beckmüller and Christoph Feil.